Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tincture process has begun

Finally, my tinctures have been started. I've been afraid to make them honestly. I kept thinking that what if I add too much alcohol or not enough. What about the water, what if I add too much of it or what kind should I use? I mean our tap water 99% of the time smells like bleach. Should I use it but boil it or should I used bottled or distilled? So I posed my water question to my facilitator and based on her response, I chose to get some bottled water. But....I was still very much afraid of messing it up.

Well, today I decided to just take the plunge and do it. It's not going to get done by itself and no one can or will do it for me. So I sat down today and began the process. I add the water and alcohol, closed the lids and shook the jars a little. I will have to shake them everyday for the next two weeks.

I am making 3 tinctures: Echinacea, Cramp bark, and Skullcap. The Skullcap reminded me a little of the smell of dried parsley. The echinacea reminded me of a very old drug store I used to go to as a kid. And the cramp bark smell well like wood and made me sneeze.

So in two weeks I'll have my tinctures. I hope :D


Dessa said...

I am going to be reading about your herbal studies with lots of interest, Ellie, as I too have dreams of one day becoming an herbalist. Take heart, girl. You are doing it. You have begun the journey--and that is half the battle.

Ellie said...

Thanks Dessa. If I can just keep the little voices at bay, and keep my eye, mind and heart fixed on my desire to be an herbalist, and have friends like you in my corner I think I can make it.