Monday, January 25, 2010

First Lesson

So, I read through my first lesson today. And I feel like I know nothing at all. I guess that's only natural though really.

One of the suggestions in the first lesson was to pick an herb to read about every day. In doing this one would be able to familiarize themselves with all they need to know about the herb they chose. This is quite ironic because last night as I was lying in bed thinking about how I wanted to approach learning about the herbs I would be using in my lessons and just learning about herbs in general, I actually thought about picking an herb to read about daily or every few days. I think the only way I can truly learn all I need, though I realize the learning never stops, is if I totally immerse myself in my lessons. To do just as I thought about, do just as the lesson suggests...READ READ READ all I can. Starting with the first 3 herbs I'll be using and going from there.

Tomorrow I will probably re-read my lesson, I will listen to the 2 lectures provided on CD, and read about Echinacea.